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Dick O’Rourke Gets Life

Dick O'Rourke

Yes, that’s right! Congratulations to Richard (Dick) O’Rourke, who was awarded Life Membership of the Dickson Squash Club in August 2010.

Fittingly, Dick is the first life member of the Club. Life Membership is the Club’s ultimate accolade, and will be awarded very rarely to those who have provided exceptional support to the Club over a long period. Given that objective, awarding life membership to Dick was an obvious and easy step. Dick has been the rock around which the Club operates. He has done an outstanding job for countless years as the Club’s Treasurer, team liaison officer, fostering the development of juniors, and everything else necessary to ensure the Club’s success.

Ted Kaminski

Ted Kaminski

Ted’s contribution to the Dickson Squash Club extends over many decades. He has been a member for more than 40 years, and was a committee member for many years, including Club President for 10 years.

In December 2007, Squash ACT presented Ted with a Service Award for his contribution to the Dickson Squash Club over many years, including his years as Club President and many years as a high-level player and qualified referee.

In the early 1980s, Ted was renowned for walking around (and occasionally playing) in a t-shirt that had his face on it (he had it done cheaply at a screen printer’s somewhere). For many people, that summed up Ted pretty well. Ted was a worthy recipient of Life Membership, awarded in August 2013.

Doug Lean

Doug Lean

For countless years, Doug Lean has been Dickson’s representative on the Squash ACT Competition Committee, ensuring that team structures are balanced and fair and addressing issues across the pennant competition.

Doug’s other great accomplishment is that he, together with wife Petra, have run Sunday club practice for many years. His organisational diligence has ensured generations of members have competitive practice sessions; as well as ensuring that the revenue generated by club practice contributes to the Club’s financial success to enable subsidisation of Club events and functions.

Above all, what Doug brings to the DSC is a refinement, passion and commitment which is unparalleled. He is one of life’s true gentlemen and we are all grateful for what he brings to the Club and to the unquestioning friendship and support he offers to so many of us.

Doug was a worthy recipient of Life Membership, awarded in August 2013.